The Petersen Electric Story

I have been an electrician for over 40 years first learning the basics and theories of electricity in Navy A school in 1974. I was a flight deck electrician until my separation from the navy in 1978. In the following years until I started Petersen Electric in 1991, I worked for 2 contractors in north jersey until moving to Toms River in 1983. I worked for another contractor in Pt Pleasant Nj until I started working for myself. During the time of working with other contractors I learned the skills of wiring houses, troubleshooting electrical problems, designing landscape lighting layouts. Since being in my own business I have worked at installing new recessed lights in existing houses, installed new electrical services for houses and commercial buildings. Petersen electric will rewire your house, add an outlet, change your service, install the wiring for your low voltage landscape lights. If it’s electric and in your house ,store or office we can repair it or install it. Small or large jobs are welcome!