Scary Electrical Problems In Your Toms River Home

No one wants to be in for a nasty shock at home. But that’s exactly what can happen if your electric system is not well maintained, or if you try to fix electrical problems yourself.

In unskilled hands, electricity can be very dangerous. We’re here to let you know when you should call out the professionals. That way you’ll keep yourself and your Toms River home safe.

So if you have flickering lights or switches that are hot to touch then read on. Here are the most common electrical problems that need the help of a pro.

Frequently Tripping Breakers

This usually means you have a circuit that’s overloaded. Some high wattage items need a real power punch. This can be a problem if you’re running other items off the same circuit.

If this is a continuing and frequent issue, it’s a potential fire risk and a sign that something’s not right.

Perhaps you’ve just moved into a home with old and outdated wiring. Now may be time to add a circuit or consider upgrading your electric wiring. Either way, it’s time to call the electrician.

Flickering Lights

Fluorescent and LED lighting can be prone to flickering, especially in the first minute of turning them on. Lightbulbs that haven’t been screwed in properly may also flicker. This will stop once they’re tightened.

If the problem is frequent and constant then this could be due to a loose connection. Loose wiring is one of the most serious causes of flickering lights and a major cause of house fires. A professional will sort this out for you.

Light Bulbs Burning out Too Often

Even if you bought a bulb with the right wattage, it could be that it’s too large for your fixture. This may cause overheating and result in the bulb burning out. Excessive vibration close to the bulb may also cause premature burnout.

If you’re getting through lightbulbs at an excessive rate, then it could mean your fixtures or wiring were poorly installed. Get them checked out by a qualified electrician.

Warm Switches

It’s normal for a dimmer switch to be slightly warm. If it doesn’t adjust the light correctly, it may be that the product is below standard or hasn’t been connected properly.

Generally speaking, warm switches are a cause for concern and could mean there’s a circuit or wiring fault. Consult an electrician if you have issues with any switches in your home.

Recurrent Electrical Surges 

Electrical surges could be due to a lightning strike or damaged power lines. They may though be due to poor wiring in the home.

If you’re experiencing frequent surges then this could be harmful to the electrical appliances connected in your home. An electrician will help you get to the root of the problem.

Fix Electrical Problems and Save Money

Everyone wants to have lower utility bills. Repairing damaged wiring and circuits can do just that.

We want you to be safe. So whatever electrical problems you’re experiencing, get in touch with us and we’ll be right there to sort them out for you.