5 Benefits Of Ceiling Fans You Need To Know

Installation ceiling fansThere are a ton of ways to improve your home’s aesthetics, use, comfort, and energy-efficiency, but it’s a rare thing to have an item that can do all of the above. Ceiling fans can. If you’re wavering on whether or not to add a ceiling fan to one or more of your rooms, consider the following 5 benefits of ceiling fans you need to know about:

1. Reduced energy costs.  While a ceiling fan can’t technically lower a room’s temperature, what it does is create a wind-chill effect (when rotating counter-clockwise) that makes a room feel colder than it actually is. This allows homeowners to  use less of their AC while still enjoying a comfortable room. During winter, rotating the fan’s blades to circulate clockwise enables the fan to circulate warm air more effectively to reduce the use of a home furnace.

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